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Every business that has ever existed has one goal: to make sure that the customers are satisfied. Customer satisfaction can lead one’s company into having more customers in the future; thus, driving the company to success. Yet, there are many factors to consider if one wants to give a satisfactory service or product.

One of these many factors is safety. Safety, as defined by several businesses, is the freedom from danger, risk, threat, accident, or loss. However, it should be noted that such freedom does surpass the physical aspect. True it is that physical danger, risk, threat or loss should be avoided by all means but so does the psychological, emotional and mental. A company will most likely thrive if the customers it has would feel secure and sheltered from all disturbance that can be caused by the lack of safety.

There are several safety presentations conducted by motivational speakers that can be of help to one’s business. Examples of these presentations are talks about: Water Safety Hazards, Office Safety, Business Case for Safety, Ergonomics and Acquisition, Consumer Product Safety, among others.


These safety presentations should not be taken for granted because life can be put to danger if safety is neglected. Talking about physical safety, according to a data by The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), many lives are being lost and ruined by accidents at work. The institution also noted that in one recent year, there were 299,000 serious work accidents, with 233 deaths. All these in a single year and all these because of the lack of safety precautions.

The lack of safety is often blamed to a single person or a single group –

However, accidents and other misfortunes happen due to continuous negligence of the company and its personnel. There may be cases wherein the employer, chief executive, line managers and/or employees had seen an arising problem but just put it aside. A problem, no matter how tiny it is, if ignored, can grow into a much bigger problem. It is a fact that if a problems goes bigger, the more difficult it is to solve.

As business personnel, no matter what position one has, should be aware of his duties in the company he is working in. A company which has personnel members who are not aware of their responsibilities in achieving safety can definitely not do their task in achieving it. As a working personnel of a business aiming for the total safety and satisfaction of the customers, one should have enough knowledge about risks that people may encounter even in ordinary business transactions. In addition to that, each one involved in a business should also understand the safety issues of the place or area one is servicing at. Lastly, each one should really have full commitment in executing safety precautions in the business.

As for the employers of a business, each one of them should set right safety standards that their personnel will follow. Safety strategy and even budgeting should be included in achieving this standard for safety. An employer should know that if he failed to execute safety precautions and because of this, an accident or loss happens, he could be punishable by the law.

As it is the employer’s legal duty to protect its workers, consumers and the public, he can also be prosecuted or issued a warning if the company he is operating have had departures from the established safety law and regulations. In worst case scenarios, if the employer’s negligence of executing safety had someone from the public, his workers, his consumers injured, harmed or killed, a case may be filed against the employer, leading him to court.


In addition to the issues the employer can face when safety is neglected, it should also be noted that the cost of expenses can also go up since he has to pay for fines and other legal costs, repair cost for damaged equipment and machine, hospital fines of the afflicted person or persons. In some cases, there is also a need for the employer to pay for extra wages or overtime pay of some workers. Most of all, when danger is present and it lead to accident, the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of the company are, in one way or another, reduced. All these problems can be prevented if a business would be aware of safety through safety presentations or safety talks.

There are a variety of safety presentations available for each business –

These presentations present, inform and motivate business owners and their workers to make safety one of their topmost priority. It is true that a business’ lifeline is its customers and workers. Without either of these people, a company will not thrive. As life is a very important concern for everyone, keeping everyone safe should also be a major concern.

With safety presentations, businesses can save the lives of their workers, customers and the public. Additionally, danger and risk can be kept into a minimum level; thus, reducing the high percentage of accidents. Among employees, keeping safety laws and precautions can boost their morale as workers as they would feel that the company is taking care of them.

Employees with boost morale would have improved efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Also, when a business or a company is getting safety right, it sends out a positive message to other businesses, customers and the public.

Safety is one of factors that should not be taken for granted by anyone involved in businesses. As businesses rely on its workers and customers, they have to make sure that they have proper and functional safety management team developing safety precautions and reports. Now, with this, they can ensure a more productive company where customers are truly satisfied.

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