How to Start your Own Web Design?

Over time, our regular nine to five job can get old and it can become tiring. If you are a skilled web developer and you want to be your own boss, it would be a good idea to start your own web design business.

WebdesignStarting your own web design business is challenging, but it is rewarding. Building your own web design start up company optimizes your independence and flexibility. It allows you to do things at your own time so you won’t miss the most important moments of your life. Building your own startup company also allows you to spend more time with your family and puts you in a position of power.

Starting your own web design company can be scary and risky because you’ll have to forgo your steady paycheck, but having a small business can get you rich.

If you’re trying to start your own web design business, then we will provide you with some tips on how to start:

1.    Calculate your start-up cost.

Everything has costs. Before starting your own web design company, it is important to calculate possible costs. Make a list of all the equipment and supplies that you need then estimate the cost of each item. Here’s a list of things that you may need to start your own web design company:

  •  Computer
  •  Phone
  •  Internet connection
  •  Dedicated desk
  •  Stationary supplies
  •  Printer
  •  Ream of bond paper
  •  Business card
  •  Web design software
2.    Take advantage of the 30- day software trial.

To save money, it is a good idea to take advantage of the 30-day software trial of some of the best web design software. A lot of freelancing web designers actually hop from one free trial to another for the first six months until  they earn enough money to actually purchase a good software. Here’s a list of good web design software that you can try:

  •  Adobe Dreamweaver
  •  Aptana
  •  Coda
  •  Espresso

Availing of the free 30-day trial of each web design does not only save you money, but also allows you to try different types of software and choose the one, which is right for you.

3.    Establish yourself as a powerful brand.

To establish your company in a sea of web design companies, it is important to establish your brand. You can use your name as your brand. For example, if your name is John Scott, you can name your web design company as John Scott Web Design. This is a good idea, especially if you’re the only one doing the web design work for your start-up. However, if you have high hopes and vision for your web design company, it may be a good idea to consider using a more formal name.

Think about how you want to be perceived as a your company or brand. Consider the customer perception as the key factor in establishing your brand.

4.    Create your own portfolio website.

You need to build websites to show off your expertise and seal the deal. Remember that no one’s going to buy a website from someone to who does not have one. To show off your web design skills to your potential clients, it is important to create your own portfolio website. Also, it may be a good idea to do web design work for free for some friends then place those websites under on your portfolio.

5.    Figure out how much you want to charge.

This is a tricky task. You don’t want to charge too much for your services, but it is also important not to charge too low, especially if you want your work to be perceived as valuable. Do a research on the prevailing web design rate. During your first few projects, you can charge slightly below the standard rate then you can gradually increase your price as you get better and more efficient.

6.    Find clients.

This is a challenging task for web designers. If you have never done a sales pitch before, it would be a good idea to partner with someone who has great lead generating skills. This way, you can focus on what you do best- web design.

7.    Establish a routine.

It is important to build a structure and routine. This will save you time and it allows you to accomplish more in a day. Take time to create a daily “to do” list and try to stick to it.

8.    Join online communities.

There are lots of online communities for web designers and web design start-up founders. To get valuable tips from seasoned web design entrepreneurs like us, it’s a good idea to join these online communities.

Building your own website company is challenging, but we assure you that it is extremely rewarding. It allows you to earn a lot of money in the long run and gives you a strong sense of fulfillment.